All participants must wear a Head Guard & Face Cage


Groin Guards are mandatory for male competitors


Additional protective clothing, (gloves & chest guards) is optional.


Action Flex Swords MUST be used. 34" for children & 40" for Adults.




All junior students to compete over 1min rounds & seniors over 1.30minute rounds, please note that this can be split at the discretion of the organiser for finals or for smaller categories.


Juniors 2 x 45second rounds


Adults 2 x 1minute rounds


Scoring Areas


Contact must be controlled for junior competitors, no loading shots up!


1 point – Controlled Head Strikes, Arm Strikes (above wrist to shoulder) back of upper body


2 points – Legs front and back (above ankle to hip) and Chest


3 points – Stomach (above belt &below chest)


Both hands must remain on the sword for a point to be scored.


Illegal Areas


Groin, Hands, Feet and Throat


Points cannot be scored if a competitor has a knee on the floor or has a foot outside the matted area. Arial strikes will score only if the competitor lands within the matted area on both feet.


General Comments.


The general idea as that it follows the format of Points sparring. 2-3 Refs with a majority score.


Each match starts with the competitors touching swords in the middle of the ring / matted area, on the command of the lead ref the match starts, on the command of the lead ref the match is stopped for either a point to be given, instructions on area or a warning. Every time a stop is called then the competitors must restart from the centre touching swords.


If a draw is called then extra 30 seconds


After this it is sudden death rules! First clean score wins.



02 FEB 2020 - 10:00

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